Colorado Shooter Goes for Insanity Plea

James Holmes, the man responsible for the mass murder shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado at a movie theater there is looking more like he’ll cop an insanity plea.

Holmes who was working on his PHD entered the movie theater there with several firearms and killed and wounded dozens of people during the showing of the latest Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises”. He was captured at the scene with the weapons and armored gear he was wearing during the rampage and has been in custody ever since. As detectives unraveled the mystery behind his onslaught they found him to be a deadly opponent having rigged his apartment to explode with an intricate bombing system. Later it was found out that he not only sought psychiatric help and was receiving it that the psychiatrist herself had sent communications to the authorities about his behavior but to no avail. Somehow these warning signs and official notations went unattended and Holmes was able to pull off his assault leading to numerous tragedies and leaving the world shocked.

His event is now recorded as the biggest mass murder in modern US history. That being said the pre-trial hearings now look like Holmes is truly psychologically disturbed and may fit into the realm of insanity which many who have been following the case will not deny.

It’s what happens next that the public is awaiting for. If his defense attorneys enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity Holmes will more than likely spend the rest of his life in a psychiatric facility.

This may or may not be closure for his victims and their families but the incident brings to mind how we handle the psychologically disturbed in a country where firearms are so easy to obtain. Holmes a c lean record and was able to acquire his small arsenal in a relatively short amount of time. He meticulously planned the assault and took advantage of every avenue and was thwarted only because one of his weapons jammed. Had that not happened the casualty count would have been much higher.

Now the debate rages regarding the next steps in prevention of such incidents and whether stricter gun control laws need be enforced. The public is in hot debate here however the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution regarding the right of the people to keep and bear arms has been decided in a Supreme Court decision during the Bush Administration. There is no way the Supreme Court is going to overturn their decision and considering the massive amount of corruption and police state tactics seen over the past decade, Americans are not about to give up their firearms nor subdue to further restrictions. It’s a Catch-22 of a situation where history has shown that as soon as a population is left without arms, government comes in and takes over. The American people are a people who are highly aware of this and won’t go for any disarmament of the population so that leaves the authorities and culture to look at the psychological elements that lead to such slaughter as in the James Holmes case.

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