American learns more of the Sikh community after tragedy

The world was shocked when a gunman opened fire on innocent parishioners in Wisconsin last week. The tragedy took the lives of several members of the temple there and the gunman it was learned took his own life after shooting a police officer as well. In the aftermath of this tragic situation, Americans have now come to realize that the Sikh community has always been a highly moral and ethical community contributing for decades to America’s well being.

As news poured in on the event, the media rushed to find members of the Sikh community to come forward and address the issue. The outpouring of information about the Sikh community dominated the airwaves and Americans realized they had made far too many eras in regard to these people.

Americans learned that the Sikh religion is one of peace and responsibility that mirrors their own laws and guidelines set forth by the Founding Fathers of the United States. Where America had struggled to protect the weak, honor people regardless of their race and religion, it was now discovered that the Sikhs had achieved this a long time ago. With this revelation a new wave of interest in the Sikh religion and culture has emerged. Americans are now aware that the appearance of Sikhs may look Islamic but both religions and cultures are different. When Sikh community leaders now appeared on the news programs, Americans saw and heard honorable men with degrees in higher education speaking clearly and with great honor about their faith and culture and the tribulations their people have gone through in America. A new appreciation and interest into the culture has emerged and it is going to change the face of the way the American people conduct themselves.

Out of a great tragedy has come a new light. People realize that Sikh values, philosophy, ethics, and conduct are very similar to the goals such religions like Christianity seek to gain. Since Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world, it may now be gaining a greater foothold in American culture. We’ll now see more Sikhs on television and radio discussing current events, sharing wisdom, and expanding within the American mainstream.

Americans now realize that Sikhs hold a great value to bringing order, peace, and compassion to the American culture and that this new understanding should minimize the hostilities and misconceptions about the Sikh culture and Indian culture as a whole.

Immigrants from India and American born persons of East Indian descent have continued to contribute honorably to the American culture. There are now top entertainers, athletes, scientists, and politicians of East Indian descent and they’re making awesome inroads into the mainstream of America. This may well turn into a situation where we might even see a Sikh President one day.

That being said, the healing process is in effect in Wisconsin. The people who suffered losses at the Sikh temple have been receiving aid and support from Americans of all races and religions. Perhaps the madness that led to this tragic event will be prevented in the future.

Greg Borne

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