WordPress and Joomla Experiencing Significant Number Of Botnet attacks

Any person using WordPress and/or Joomla should tighten the security around their accounts, as the hosting provides have noticed a triple increase in the number of brute force attacks.

According to The Next Web report, these attacks, which are being done with botnets, are slowing down or causing the accounts to become unavailable.

The report said the attacks are fairly common against popular content management systems but it’s the sudden rise of the attacks that is causing great concern. Until the offending botnet is dealt with, there’s not much one can do except take all precautions necessary including using a solid, safe username and password combination along with making sure the plugins and CMS are current.

According to a Melbourne Server Hosting report also in The Next Web report, in the last two days, there has been an increase of attacks. Immotion Hosting has also seen an increase in attempts from a significant number of IP addresses around the world.

The Next Web report said these signs can lead one to believe that the attackers are utilizing a botnet to make their way in.

HostGator said it about 90,000 computers are mixed up in the attacks with CloudFlare noting an excessive number – tens of thousands of original IP addresses – being utilized.

Sucuri, a security firm, said there have been between 30,000 and 40,000 attacks per days for several months. However, in the month of April, there have been 77,000 attacks each day with the most recent days seeing 100,000 attacks every day.

According to The Next Web, the most popular usernames being used in the attacks are:

– Admin
– admin
– administrator
– root
– test

The top five passwords being used in the attacks are:

– admin
– 666666
– 12345678
– 111111
– 123456

The report said that any person using a common password or username needs to change it right away.

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