Boston Authorities Shut Down Transportation Amid Search For Second Suspect, Residents Should Stay Inside Their Homes

Boston’s public transportation has been shut down Friday morning and approximately 400,000 people are asked to stay in their homes, lock the doors and stay away from their windows. Police are actively looking for the second suspect thought to have been involved in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings.

The other suspect had been shot, was taken to an area hospital and succumbed to his injuries.

All services for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority have been suspended right away and residents of Watertown, Newtown, Belmont, Cambridge and Allston-Brighton have been asked to stay in their homes. All activities with the Boston Public School system have been cancelled.

Police are going door to door in Watertown and searching by patrol cars for the suspect. Any person waiting for buses or transit services need to go home and stay there. No vehicle traffic is being permitted into the Watertown area.

In Watertown, police were involved in an overnight shootout with the suspects – now known to be brothers from Russia. The second suspect and brother – 19-year-old Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev – is on the run. The dead brother’s name is Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26.

Parts of the MBTA system might re-open later Friday.

According to Kurt Schwartz, undersecretary of Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, all Amtrak services coming in and out of the South Station are delayed and service has been suspended between Boston and Providence, Rhode Island.

Officials at Logan Airport said the airport is open but is working with heightened security.

Police said all parts of Cambridge’s Norfolk Street are shut down and media were told to leave.

Businesses have been asked to stay closed. Harvard University said it would be closed. Massachusetts Institute of Technology classes have been cancelled amid the killing of a campus police officer. Boston College students have been sternly told to stay inside because classes have been cancelled.

Emerson College said its classes were also cancelled until additional notice is given. Boston University said police were patrolling the campus. One of the three killed in Monday’s marathon bombing was a BU graduate student.

Boston Police Department said the search for the second brother will continue in Watertown and should be considered armed and dangerous. Residents need to stay inside and no traffic should be on the road.

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