More Parties at Home More Fun

Today’s home parties are nothing like the good old days.

partyPin the tail on the donkey, spin the bottle, charades, although lots of fun just don’t cut it with today’s advanced technologies.  Nowadays people are saving money by entertaining at home.  It’s become lots more fun as friends and families are getting more cozy together in ways the world hasn’t seen since the days of radio as the primary source of entertainment.

Yes, that’s right young people, there was a time when the number one form of entertainment was sitting around listening to the radio.  Television took the place of radio and then within the past 10 years the internet and video games have taken over.

Today’s home parties still have the old standbys such as foods and beverages, pools, yard games, cookouts, maybe fireplace cooking.  Anything that can keep the action rolling and keep everyone amused is fun.  The adults used to play cards in the kitchen and the kids watched television or played board games like Monopoly or Candy Lane or even checkers.  As times progressed the use of the internet and video games popped in and now there are parties where the main activity are the action oriented games with Wii and Microsoft’s and Sony’s motion control games.  These action motion sensor games come in a variety of configurations and the technologies are expanding rapidly.  At first the controller like a television remote, would interact with the game but then motion sensors became more sophisticated and can now capture your actions, shape, size, facial expressions.  This adds to more precise gaming fun.  With 3D motion sensor gaming breaking out the future is only speculative.

This is why today’s at home entertaining can be as vigorous as a theme park.  Even grandma and grandpa can do some motion sensor gaming whether it’s a fitness program or a dance or sports game like golf or tennis.  The kids stay active and the entire party can take part.  It can wear you out and that’s great as the kids will want to go to bed early!

With the other great at home games and toys the family and friends can find so much time together a joy that it might take some extra refereeing to keep things in line.  Not only that but even pets are joining in on interactive gaming.  The graphics are so realistic that it even fools the cat and the dog.

These points are very important because they show the value of family and friends at home spending time together instead of spending too much money at the parks and movies and other outside entertainment trips.  With the price of gas continuing to rise a small trip across town can cost quite a bundle.  That fuel costs could well be spent elsewhere and nowadays that elsewhere is at the homestead.

If you’re planning something for the home party set, just look around the house and ask the kids and friends for things because they’re more likely to know what new stuff is out that can be plugged in and played with.  You’ll all be able to utilize your computing skills to get the discounts on the food, drink, and more and then coordinate the activity to precision leaving more time for fun and counting those savings.

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