Woman Learns She Accidentally Gives Away Own Child In Surrogacy Phenomenon

When Jessica Allen of California became a surrogate for another couple, she never believed that she’d become pregnant with her own child after their embryo had been implanted into her uterus.

Unfortunately, for Allen and her husband Mike, they unwittingly gave up custody of their own child.

In what doctors called superfetation, Allen experienced a rare medical incident where she had gotten pregnant naturally, although they were using condoms, after undergoing an IVF cycle.

Doctors informed Allen, 31, that she was carrying not one but two babies. Everybody naturally assumed that the two babies were twins – that the implanted embryo split into two and created identical twins.

A month after the kids’ birth, Allen found out that the two kids were not related to another one and, in fact, one of them was hers and her significant other’s child.

Allen carried the babies for a Chinese woman, who sent her a picture of the four-week-olds saying, “They’re not the same, right?”

In the picture, Mike looked Asian descent, but Max was half African-American and half-white. A DNA test confirmed that Mike was indeed the Chinese couple’s child, but Max was not and was Allen’s own child. Although the results of the DNA concluded this, Allen and her husband have had a difficult time getting their son back.

After the discovery, the Chinese couple decided they didn’t want Max and asked an adoption agency to find a family for him. They wanted up to $28,000 in compensation for him.

Allen said they were treating him like a commodity, and they wanted us to pay for our son.

The couple hired a lawyer who had intense negotiations with the surrogacy agency. Eventually, the fee was dropped, and Max was given to the couple. They named him Malachi. She said it’s been nine months since they brought him home and he’s doing very well.

Malachi has two siblings – Jeramiah, 7, and Jarius, 2.

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