TWD Glenn Lives… For Now!

One of The Walking Dead’s most cherished and beloved characters is alive!

Glenn Rhee, the former pizza delivery guy, was able, as many fans had theorized, to crawl out from underneath’s Nicholas’ body and under the dumpster, fighting off zombies in the process while under there.

After four weeks of being left hanging as to whether or not the Steven Yeun’s character had indeed been killed off, in the first minute of Sunday’s episode revealed his fate. Made worse with the wait was TWD show-runners ambiguous statement saying people would see Glenn in some form or fashion. They had even pulled his name from the credits in the last three episodes, leaving many to speculate if Glenn had indeed been chomped on.

Yeun has also avoided doing interviews the last few weeks but did tell the Daily News back in September that he was worried for his character.

Ever since the “alleged” death scene, fans have been taken to social media to discuss the character’s fate. It’s been heavily debated as to whether or not Glenn’s character had been bitten when he and Nicholas, who thanked Glenn and then shot himself in the head, had fallen off together into the horde of hungry zombies.

The ever-so-popular theory that Glenn’s alive turned out to be true – he was able to crawl out from underneath Nicholas’ body and get under the dumpster. Hiding there until the horde of zombies finally moved away.

Of course, Glenn isn’t completely out of the woods, as avid readers of the comic know. Yeun’s character meets a grisly end by a recently cast member in the season finale.

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