Nestle Japan To Make Golden-Coated Kit Kat Bar


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Would you eat a gold-coated Kit Kat bar?

Chocolate lovers in Japan have the option to do so in December when the company releases its mouth-watering bar for $22 (or 2,016 yen). And, it’s only the Japanese that’ll get lucky. The bars won’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Nestle Japan said 500 bars will be produced and sold throughout the country. This is the company that’s come up with more than 200 flavors – green tea, strawberry, wasabi, to name a few. The chocolate version was introduced in 1973.

Melanie Kohli, spokeswoman for Nestle Japan, said Japanese convenience stores are used to seeing new flavors. She said the Japanese market is extremely unique.

The “one-finger treat” will be covered in a gold leaf and have a rich but butter chocolate taste. It’ll go on sale in eight swank department stores’ chocolate boutiques throughout the country.

Kohli said the product is a luxurious one and could be extremely popular during the upcoming holiday season. She said it’s not something people are going to remember from their childhood but rather a special occasion in order to celebrate the year end.

The omiyage culture of Japan – the bringing of gifts for family, friends and work colleagues while on a trip – is a key reason the company has been so successful with the variety of flavors.

She said Kyushu saw the strawberry flavor while Shizuoka had the wasabi flavor.

Wasabi, which is related to horseradish is a very hot Japanese condiment that’s eaten with both sashimi and sushi.

In Japan, there are roughly 30 flavors of Kit Kat bars including Kode pudding, Yokohama cheese and Okinawan sweet potato.

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