Massive Breach Of Target, Neiman Marcus Is Work Of 17-Year-Old

According to a report, the mastermind that’s behind the massive information breach that occurred at Target and Neiman Marcus was the work of a 17-year-old boy.

IntelCrawler security researchers learned who created the malware, but, according to the president of IntelCrawler it doesn’t mean investigators still know who committed the attacks on the retailers.

The president said the person (or persons) who committed the attacks is (are) only his customer(s).  According to the report, the Ukraine-native teen developed the Malware back in March and began selling it to an undisclosed number of cyberhackers through the Eastern Europe region for about $2,000.  The malware is suspected to have been used for hackers in the country of Russia.

Nearly 110 million shoppers from Target may have had their personal information – personal addresses, credit card numbers and PINs comprised thanks to the breach. While Neiman Marcus has yet to say how many customers were affected, according to the report, the attack began in July and has gone on much longer than the breach at Target.

One security expert said the credit card information taken from customers at Target is being sold on the black market for as little as $1.50 with a link for the breach going back to the Russian mob.

What makes the whole situation worse is that the theft of information may have occurred at other stores. A security company with ties to the government said several other stores’ computers may have been comprised, with their customers’ information at risk. According to researchers, evidence of similar attacks has existed since June 2013 with many stores not knowing about it.

JPMorgan Chase and Citibank will be sending their customers’ new debit cards; their efforts to keep their clients’ accounts safe in light of the security breaches.

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