Howard Stern: Donald Trump Only Ran For Presidency For More Money From NBC Contract

Howard Stern is all about the shock factor, and he continues with the “Wow” factor by saying Donald Trump would rather have Hillary Clinton as president.

The radio host suggested Trump only ran in the presidential election because he wanted more money from NBC for his “The Apprentice” contract. Stern said it’s why he’s so adamant about voter fraud investigations.

“He’s pissed he won,” Stern said.

Stern said Trump is hoping to find voter fraud so Hillary can take over the presidency.

It would seem odd for Stern to say that Trump is upset about winning, but the pair have been friends for years. Perhaps Stern has a deeper understanding of Trump’s motivations than anybody else. Stern said Trump has only one real goal – for people to love him and to be liked.

Stern, 63, said he was a bit surprised when Trump threw his hat into the ring for the commander-in-chief job since he was such a Clinton supporter. He also said Trump had been pro-abortion. He said the new Donald Trump has really surprised him.

Stern said Trump’s stance on Hollywood also surprises him, as Trump is all about Hollywood. He loved the press and the Hollywood life.

The rock shock jock said he feels the presidency will be too much for Trump and is worried about his mental health. He said there’s a reason presidents leave the Oval Office with gray hair. Stern said he informed Trump he wished he’d never had run for the presidency.

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