Fornite’s Mustard Creates Controversy Over Twitter “The End” Location

What does the phrase “end of Fortnite” mean? No one really seems to know the answer, but it’s something that game creator Donald Mustard has teased about recently.

Mustard has changed his Twitter account location to “The End,” but it’s fairly obvious that Epic Games will quit on Fortnite, as it brings in more money than the U.S. Federal Reserve. However, “The End” does signify something – that perhaps something big is going to happen, which would not be that big of a surprise. After all, Season 10 marks a huge landmark season, and it’s on the horizon.

Mustard is well-known for his constant cryptic teasing of impending Fortnite events. These teasers are usually seen in the Twitter location. So, what exactly does “The End” mean? While it’s not known for sure, there are a plethora of theories going on, and most of them are about Ender Dragon.

One leak suggests the game developer is going to destroy the map and use a new one altogether. While unconfirmed, it does seem to go along with the “The End” idea. And, as some may suspect, “The End” may actually mean Epic Game is going to quit making the game entirely. Again, this is just a rumor spread by some.

Would Epic Games pull the game entirely? It doesn’t seem likely since the game makes money on money on money and so on. However, there’s already content out there on the Internet that shows future Fortnite material and Epic itself has announced its own plans for the future of the game.

Still, it would be an “epic” move for Epic Games to do, ending Fortnite on Season 10.

Fortnite can be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4 and mobile devices.

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