Mississippi Reports First Chikungunya Virus Case


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According to Mississippi’s State Department of Health, the first case of chikungunya was confirmed Monday. Currently, there are several possible chikungunya cases being investigated.

Generally found in the African and Asian regions, the mosquito-borne illness’ symptoms can include joint and muscle pain, joint swelling and fever. There are very few deaths documented with this infection, but any person who has a compromised immune system needs to be vigilant and take precautions because of the high complication risk associated with it.

Officials said this virus has recently made its appearance in the Caribbean and any travelers to that area could become infected with it.

Dr. Thomas Dobbs, MSDH state epidemiologist, said the chikungunya virus comes from the bite of the Aedes mosquito and is spread from person to person. People who think they’re infected with it need to immediately see their doctor and stay inside while sick. It’s best to stay inside for 10 days and avoid further mosquito bites. Native state mosquitos could actually get the virus, spreading it to other people.

The agency has suggested people protect themselves and the area around them from both the West Nile and chikungunya viruses by doing the following:

  • If outside, people should use a mosquito repellent that has DEET as an ingredient.
  • Prevent mosquitos from breeding by removing sources of standing water.
  • Wear long, light-colored and loose clothing that will cover the legs and arms when outside.

Don’t stay in areas mosquitos are liable to be. Mosquitos with the chikungunya virus tend to be active more in the daytime hours.

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