Fiverr Sellers/Buyers Plan July 1 Protest In Light Of New ARS System

Popular marketplace Fiverr.com recently implemented a new feedback system dubbed Advanced Rating System (ARS), designed to create a “better, more transparent community for buyers and sellers”. Sellers and buyers alike don’t feel that way and have planned a protest day on July 1.

On Tuesday, many sellers will suspend their gigs, going on “vacation” or “strike” to protest this latest site implementation, which replaced the “thumbs up/down” system. According to many sellers in the Fiverr forum and blog, the ARS system is a crap-shoot feedback rating system that will eventually hurt sellers – some of whom are already feeling the pain.

When it was first implemented back in early to mid-June, sellers had threatened to leave; some have already suspended their gigs. According to the ARS system, buyers can now leave feedback for three things:

  • Communication with Seller
  • Buy Again or Recommend
  • Service as Expected

Sellers said the new ARS system is subjective – one person’s 5-stars could be another person’s 3-stars, despite the same service and delivery being offered. Sellers have complained that there is no more need for time limits on gigs or gig extras (an option that allows sellers to make more money) because buyers can threaten sellers with a bad rating if their demands are not met.

One anonymous seller related a recent situation in both the forum and blog in which she was verbally threatened, made sexist remarks to and had her five stars changed to one star in retaliation for not providing more free work and standing up for herself in a polite manner. When she made her complaint to Fiverr CS about the buyer, she posted their response to the forum and blog. They apologized for the buyer’s behavior but would not remove the negative feedback without buyer approval, breaking their own terms of service.

Other sellers have complained that buyers are abusing the system, threatening them with a lower rating to get free work. Some sellers have said buyers are changing previously good feedback with negative ones in retaliation for not “doing free work”.

Fiverr stipulates that this new feedback system will not have an immediate effect on the overall stars and for sellers who provide excellent service and are featured. This is little comfort to those that have already felt the stress brought on by the system. In fact, sellers feel less than thrilled about working on the “once up and coming website”. Many sellers have said they feel they are expendable.

Sellers have been long complaining about the site’s numerous other bugs and problems, with no relief in sight with those problems, which also includes buyers being able to change feedback at any time and leaving feedback years later.

Fiverr rose to fame with its offering of $5 basic gigs for a multitude of services – writing, graphic design, video animation, music audio, etc.  Gig prices increase with the service being asked of the seller and can range to more than $100 easily in some cases.

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1 Comment for “Fiverr Sellers/Buyers Plan July 1 Protest In Light Of New ARS System”

  1. First of all, let me say that I love Fiverr. It has literally changed my life for the better, and for that, I thank them.

    However, the new ARS/stars rating system makes me feel as if my love for Fiverr is utterly unrequited.

    Here’s aerfect example of how awful this system is: Yesterday I received $5 to knock out a couple of outgoing voicemail messages. Even though the very first line of my instructions for buyer is “Send me the script, state what you want for pacing and tone,” he provided no such instructions whatsoever. Nonetheless, I delivered 2 superb voiceovers in just 22 minutes from the time the order was placed.

    He rejected them.

    Why? Because I he didn’t like the pacing and tone I used! Did I mention that the very first line of my instructions for buyer is “Send me the script, state what you want for pacing and tone”? Now that I wasted time on the first set of recordings, he finally told me what he wanted, and I gave it to him: Two new versions, using the intonation and tempo he requested, and I delivered THOSE just 13 minutes later, which means he has now received two sets of two voiceovers, all in 45 minutes.

    This guy has the nerve to give me four stars after all that extraordinary service. FOUR. FLIPPIN’. STARS, my friends.

Amazed, I send him this message: “Four stars? Um, I have to ask, what would I have to do to earn 5? That could hurt my rating and I really feel like I went the extra mile for you. I would appreciate it if you would bump it up to 5. Thanks.”

    What is it that he wants in exchange for that one little star? I’m so glad you asked. He wants another revision. He wrote, “I was slightly unsatisfied…The most recent revisions are good…If you could re-record…I will gladly bump the review up.”

    Okay, now it’s personal. I re-record the third pair of outgoing voicemail messages for this guy. He receives those files a mere 1 hour and 18 minutes after his original order. That’s above-and-beyond customer service in anyone’s book, am I right?

    I waited to see if he was going to give me that pathetic 5th star. A couple of hours go by. Finally I messaged him and asked him about it. He eventually got back to me with a response that actually made me audibly gasp.

 He wrote, “I liked the first from this set, but not the second one.”

    Now I’ve reached the point of no return. I’m in this. So I hit the studio AGAIN and re-record the second message for what is now the FOURTH TAKE! He has it in 15 minutes after requesting it.

    And yes, at long last, he gives up that fifth star. And I’m left feeling violated and disillusioned, exploited and extorted; my Fiverr landscape is scorched by my pitiful Pyrrhic victory. I wasted two hours and my self-respect, and for what?

    For four dollars and one lousy, little yellow star.

    P.S. I want to launch a preemptive strike against any star system supporters who might say, “But the ARS did help you – you probably won a loyal customer because of the terrific service you provided in order to get that fifth star!”
    Shut up.
    Do you honestly think I will ever accept another gig from this maniac? Are you out of your mind?

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