KFC Discrimination Story A Hoax: One Media Outlet Claims It Is, Family Denies Allegations

Is it a hoax or not? That’s what many people are wondering after a Mississippi newspaper claimed the story about little Victoria Wilcher was nothing but a publicity stunt for money. The family of the little girl says the story is 100 percent true.

When the family took their story to Facebook, creating the page “Victoria’s Victories”, it went viral with donations coming in left and right. KFC even offered to give the family $30,000 regardless of the findings of the investigation into the alleged incident.

However, a source near the investigation said, the incident being claimed by the family isn’t true.

Kelly Mullins said she and her granddaughter, 3-year-old Victoria, were in a Jackson, Miss. KFC when they were asked to leave by an employee because the little girl’s face was frightening customers.  Victoria was mauled by three pit bulls back in April, losing her right eye and suffered with a broken upper and lower jaw and broken nose. Her cheekbones were also shattered.

Mullins said she ordered mashed potatoes and sweet tea because the little girl was hungry. While on a feeding tube, Mullins said, she felt the little girl could swallow the potatoes. She said they were asked to leave and Victoria started to cry.

When the story hit the Internet, it spread like wildfire and donations to help with the recovery process poured in – altogether more than $135,000 were raised. Of that, $30,000 is the donation from KFC.  According to newspaper Laurel-Leader-Call in Mississippi, an anonymous source said the family’s story about KFC was a way to get cash. It said there was no surveillance footage of either party on May 15 at Jackson KFC locations, and there is no record for their order.

On the Victoria’s Victories page, a family member responded to the article by saying the article going about the web calling it a hoax is inaccurate. Until KFC releases its statement, the investigation is not done. And, that the media outlet that wrote the article is not affiliated with KFC. The attorney handling the case for the family is doing it, pro bono and that person is handling on media requests.

Rick Maynard, a spokesman for KFC, said the investigation is not over and, even if the story is considered a hoax, the company is still willing to provide the family with the $30,000 they promised to help with the expenses.

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