Las Vegas Surgeon Donates His Services To Help 3-Year-Old Injured In Pit Bull Attack

When Victoria Wilcher and her grandmother were asked to leave at Jackson, Miss. KFC because the three-year-old’s face was scaring its customers, her grandmother took to popular social media website Facebook to tell her story. That story went viral! And, it moved a Las Vegas surgeon so much that he’s offered to do the little girl’s reconstructive surgery… free of charge!

Dr. Frank Stile said he said the little girl’s story on social media and the news and became affected by it. He said it was obvious that he had to get involved.

Victoria’s scars are the result of an early April pit bull attack that took place at her grandfather’s home (Donald Mullins). She lost her right eye and suffered severe facial scars. She also lost the ability to move her face on the right side.

Kelly Mullins, Victoria’s grandmother, said when they asked them to leave, Victoria knew what it meant and started to cry. Mullins said Victoria is so embarrassed about how she looks and doesn’t want to go out in public. This isn’t her fault, Mullins said.

Victoria’s picture was put on the page “Victoria’s Victories” with the caption “Does this face look scary to you?” Stile caught wind of the support and felt compelled to help.

Stiles said being a kid is already hard enough, but being a kid that’s different is even more difficult.

Over the weekend, Stile met with the family in Jackson to talk with them about the pending facial reconstruction. Within the next couple of weeks, Victoria will be outfitted with a prosthetic eye.

The dogs that injured Victoria during their attack were killed, and her grandfather is facing several child endangerment charges. Kelly is divorced from Donald.

KFC has been investigating the alleged incident, saying it has a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior. Regardless of the findings the company gets, it will donate $30,000 to help with the little girl’s medical bills.

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  1. It’s time to kill off this killer breed once and for all, owners fault or not.

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