Microsoft Latest Updates Causing IE Users Grief and Aggravation

If you have noticed your recently updated IE browser running frustratingly slow, chances are that you have been hit by the “conecutive modal dialog boxes” glitch.  All computers that have downloaded the latest update from Microsoft have been reacting slowly and many are becoming unresponsive, causing users to reboot their systems.

According to a statement from the tech giant, Microsoft is fully aware of the problem affecting Internet Explorer  7 to Internet Explorer 11 users.

Microsoft said in some cases PC’s run so slowly that the computer will freeze and need to be rebooted. The flawed updates even affect Microsoft’s latest web browser IE 11. The affected browsers downloaded either “MS14-051 or MS14-037”, and when web applications use several model dialog boxes, it can cause the program to slow down and eventually become unresponsive.

Users whose computers are set to automatically download updates are affected by this problem.

In order to repair the mistakes, the company has released a hotfix and is urging all Windows users who have been affected to download the software to steer clear of the mess. Users can also check out the prerequisite list before they take action. When ready, users can download the version specific to the browser they are using.

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8 Comments for “Microsoft Latest Updates Causing IE Users Grief and Aggravation”

  1. There’s a free program named Chrome that removes the IE virus.

  2. Thanks, Microsoft, for living up to my expectations. This kind of behavior is what this company has got customers accustomed to.

  3. That is exactly why I always disable automatic updates.

  4. If users did a bunk away from Internet Explorer to another browser, would this move cause other browsers to be sluggish as well? I have experienced very slow response on Safari since last evening.

  5. I will never use IE period … and Microsoft wanted us end users to give them a second chance??? no thxs use other browsers that work just fine 🙂

  6. Interesting, I am posting this from IE 11 right now Windows 8.1 Update 1 latest updates as of Patch Tuesday, 22 tabs open in two separate IE windows and I am not experiencing this.

    There should have been a clear disclaimer, this might not be affecting everyone.

  7. It is only fair to point out that IE is the number one browser in the world … for downloading other browsers.

  8. Microsoft is crumbling. They’ve apparently lost or destroyed their core competency. This is the umpteenth time they’ve had to pull a major patch that blue-screened Microsoft systems during the last 12 months.

    Turns out my main application is now subject to this brand new bug on ALL MS IE browsers and there’s a specific hotfix for each DIFFERENT IE version on each DIFFERENT Microsoft OS, with separate versions for each of those in x86 and x64:


    Oh, and you can apply the hoxfix only if one or more specific problematic updates have already been applied to the OS.

    I have no idea how I could go about programmatically figuring all of that out and applying the right hoxfix on the many PCs my application runs on.

    Microsoft is truly doomed when it reaches this point of complexity in trying to back-fix update problems of its own creation.

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