Massachusetts Sees First Case Of Deadly Triple E Virus


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Although Massachusetts hasn’t been very hot or humid this summer, there are several reports that the state’s recent weather conditions have caused the arrival of a practically fatal disease.

In fact, one person has been reported to be infected with the eastern equine encephalitis virus (triple E), which comes from mosquitoes.

The state’s department of health said a tested was carried on July 15 in Plymouth County where the test came back positive for triple E. This virus is extremely dangerous because it causes inflammation in the brain. One-third of all cases are deadly.

Although there has just been one case reported so far of EEE in the state, the chances of western Massachusetts seeing the disease has increased significantly.  It may not be the mosquitos that bring it to the state.

The disease’s long range carrier is going to be birds because they can travel for several miles. Mosquitos bite the infected birds and then infect humans they bite.

According to American Pest Solutions entomologist Bob Russell, mosquitoes are rather unusual insects because bacteria can live in its gut and be regurgitated or be excreted through its saliva when bitten. This is when transmission of the disease occurs, Russell said.

The primary way to prevent contracting triple E is to wear long clothing the mosquito cannot bite through. People should use bug spray that has chemical DEET and not going into wet or wooded areas.

The chances of being bit by mosquitoes are high around dusk and early morning hours.

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6 Comments for “Massachusetts Sees First Case Of Deadly Triple E Virus”

  1. Yeah, wear thick, long clothing. Sure. When it’s literally 90-95F out.

  2. Fine. Don’t wear long sleeves. You can say that you were cool and comfortable when the fatal bite occurred.

  3. Why are you talking about bacteria in the quote from Bob Russell…EEE is a viral disease, not bacterial.

    I think you meant to say “the primary way to avoid contracting EEE…” not “the primary way to not be diagnosed with triple EE…”…because that doesn’t even make sense. Because the easiest way to not be diagnosed would simply be to not see a doctor.

  4. Yes and we’re all gonna die, just a little bit sooner now.Mother, mother make my bed, I fain I’m gonna die. c’est la vie.

  5. Who writes this stuff?
    Is it “Triple EEE”, “EEE”, “Triple E”, or “Triple EE”? This article refers to eastern equine encephalitis all four ways. If it’s Triple EEE then that’s a whole lot of E’s. And just as a bump to what Bojo said… not being diagnosed with the virus is simply a matter of not seeing a doctor. “The easiest way to prevent contracting the virus” is a better use of the English language.

  6. Why make fun of a horrid sickness that can easily be prevent with some common sense. Bug spray and long sleeve shirts or take your chances and spin the wheel. The stupidity of some people is totally unbelievable. I wear long sleeves year round they will roll up if need be and deet spray,avon skin so soft or listerine are cheap when compared to the financual burden placed on your family when you stupidly die. DUH

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