Google Introduces Health-Related Feature For Health Conscious People

Google makes it easier for people searching to learn the nutritional content of over 1,000 meats, vegetables, fruits and other foods with its newest feature.

The feature, which uses Google’s Knowledge Graph, allows people to learn what the calories, fat and carbohydrate grams are for their food – meals and snacks. The search results of the feature will appear above the conventional linked results similar to the Google’s calculator functions.  With the Knowledge Graph, information from around the web is found quicker and can be accessed easier.

With the feature, people can learn what amount of protein is in a large banana, how much carbohydrates is in corn, what the calories are for tomatoes and more. On top of that, the feature allows users to compare the nutritional data of two items that are similar to one another.

Google expects that the feature is going to get a lot of use from nutritional experts, exercise buffs and concerned parents.

The feature launches today and will continuously be updated the next 10 days, allowing the popular search engine to assist people in living a healthier lifestyle. More foods, features and languages will eventually be added.

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  1. Looking forward to this feature.

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