eBay Under Fire For Hacker Attack Mismanagement

ebayeBay first felt that the information of its customers was safe after forensic investigators looked over the network security breach uncovered in the early part of May and making its discovery known this week to the public. That’s according to a senior executive with the company.

The company has been scrutinized for its management and conduct of the cyberattack, where hackers attained the personal information of the entire user database, making it the biggest of any kind of attack on a corporation so far.

Devin Wenig, global marketplaces chief, said the company felt, at the time, that there was no compromise to the user database. He’s the first top eBay executive to comment on the situation. He said once the company learned that users’ information was involved, swift action was taken to rectify the situation.

He didn’t say when the company was made aware of the cyberattacks or how long it took them to announce the matter to the public. He did say the hackers got into the system by way of using credentials of three corporate employees.

Hackers were able to attain all eBay users’ encrypted passwords and email addresses. Since the notification, millions of users have already changed their passwords. The company was making people aware of it by email, but the process to do so would take time, Wenig said.

He said that sending an email to everybody at once was not feasibly possible but it would be done.

Wenig said since no financial fraud has taken place – yet – the Internet giant has no current plans to offer free credit monitoring or reimburse customers.

He said eBay has taken steps to increase its security systems to ensure that another attack does not happen again.

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  1. no excuse for an INTERNET company to be hacked.

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