5-Year-Old Leavenworth Girl Killed In Police Shootout

5-year-old Cadence Harris of Leavenworth, Kansas was killed Friday night after a shootout between her alleged kidnapper and police.

Harris, who had been kidnapped around 7:30 p.m. Friday, was trapped in the cross-fire between the suspect and police after a high-speed car chase that ended in a Leavenworth construction yard.

Both Kansas and Missouri police were involved in the car chase as the 30-year-old suspect crossed state lines.

The suspect, who is thought to be related to the girl and is from Atchison, Ks., stepped out of his vehicle, pointing a gun at the officers. A barrage of gunfire ensued.

According to Patrick Kitchens, Leavenworth Police chief, the whole situation played out quickly. He said the police were still trying to go through exactly what happened because there is so much information that makes the investigation complicated.

Kitchens said the officers at the scene tried everything they could to bring the little girl back to life. He said anytime a child is killed, it’s disturbing and heartbreaking.

The abductor was shot in the shootout and is in a Kansas City hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (or KBI) is looking into the fatal incident.

According to Mark Malick, a KBI special agent in charge, the girl didn’t appear to be shot by police officers.

While police say Harris lived in Leavenworth, the man’s family members have stated the girl’s mother and Harris lived with him in Atchison.

Police are doing an autopsy.

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  1. My goodness always.the bad guy wins and lives.this is way to sad rip sweet pea.god bless her and her loved ones.

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