Wal-Mart Introduces Its Own Brand Of Tablets

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It’s been known for some time that Wal-Mart was trying to bring life to the tablet market with its own branded tablets. According to a new report, there are three devices with the Onn house brand coming to the market soon.

Perhaps Wal-Mart is trying to chip into Apple share of the market, or maybe the goal is to undercut Amazon with its pricing strategy. The models, which are set to be priced under $100, would take on the Amazon budget Fire tablets. Wal-Mart’s tablet lineup consists of the following:

• 8-inch model – $64
• 10.1-inch model – $79
• 10.1-inch model with detachable keyboard

Amazon Fire HD 8-inch model is $80 and its 10-inch Fire HD is about $150. Amazon does not have a Fire tablet that comes with a detachable keyword. However, the company does have an upgraded 7-inch Fire for $50 that Wal-Mart has yet to match with the initial tablets.

The 8-inch Onn tablet is not much of a challenge to the iPad mini except for the lower price. The 8-inch iPad has the Retina display and 64GB built-in storage whereas the Onn had an unknown manufacturer for its processing chip, 16GB of storage and 1,2800×800 pixel screen resolution.

While Apple continues to grab the tablet market (as noted by the first quarter of 2019), Amazon has had a higher year-over-year shipment percentage that is a demonstration that is aggressive pricing strategy is bringing in results.

Could Wal-Mart have entered the game too late, or will it still manage to thwart Amazon’s attempt to overtake the market with its budget tablets?

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