W. Va. Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Ban Use Of Google Glass While Driving

U.S. Lawmakers have begun proposing a bill that would outlaw driving with head-mounted displays, such as Google Glass, even before they are commercially available.

Gary G. Howell, a republican from West Virginia, proposed a bill prohibiting the use and wear of the head-mounted display, ensuring the latest Google technology falls in line with prevailing state bans on operating a motor vehicle while texting or talking on a phone with no hands-free kit.

Howell said it’s the duty of the government to ensure its people are no injured or killed while they cross the road because a driver was busy reading a message. He said he does like the product’s idea and said it’s the way of the future. However, Howell said, in the last legislature, everybody worked hard on developing a no texting and driving law.

Howell said youth are the ones that are mostly tech-savvy and will try new thing. But, youth are also the most under-skilled and vulnerable drivers on the road.  He said too many wrecks have been the result of texting and driving, most by young, inexperienced drivers. Google Glass, Howell said, is an extension of this.

The ban that Howell has proposed on Google Glass and similar technology would allow exceptions for emergency personnel – law enforcement, emergency responders, etc.

Howell is not confident his bill will be passed. However, he said, he thinks other legislation – similar to his – will come about.

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