Verizon: 128GB Google Pixel XL Initial Inventory Sold Out



Verizon Wireless announced the 128GB Google Pixel XL would be unavailable for purchase, as the initial inventory has been sold out.

That news comes in the form of a tweet from Verizon’s communication team member Jeffrey Nelson. He said the carrier would not have it in their stories today. And, shipping estimates for the 128GB XL model has been changed until Nov. 18.

For people who want Verizon’s Pixel, there is the 32GB or the regular Pixel to choose from. People will need to decide if the storage or screen size is more important to them. With the 32GB internal storage Pixel device, the screen size is 5.5-inches. The smaller Pixel device gives you a starting capacity.

The Pixel XL is also not available on the Google web store. However, consumers can check out Best Buy as an option for their Pixel desire. Best Buy’s website also notes it’s only got the 32GB Pixel device, which means the 128GB device may be very difficult to attain.

The five-inch regular Pixel has the same powerful specs as the bigger version but has a smaller battery and a 1080p display. No details have been released on when the 128GB Google Pixel XL will be available in retail stores.

Walk-in customers are finding the well-publicized, long-awaited phones hard to come by when they go into brick and mortar stores. In fact, Apple and its retail partners said the iPhone 7 Plus would likely be unavailable at launch. It was, and it’s still difficult to attain an iPhone 7 Plus in certain storage configurations and colors.

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