Trump Declares National Emergency; House Passes Coronavirus Aid Bill

U. S. Vice President Mike Pence announced a new travel ban for Ireland and the U.K., which is set to go into effect on Tuesday.

According to Pence, legal Americans in the U.K. and Ireland will be able to come home. However, they will be processed and go through certain airports. The Trump Administration did put in place a 30-day U.S. ban on travel from the Schengen border-free zone of the E.U., but it had excluded both Ireland and the U.K.

With the change, President Donald Trump said the pandemic had reached those countries unfortunately and shutting down flights from these countries was necessary.

Trump, in the Rose Garden of the White House, announced a national emergency that would initiate the federal government’s full power to handle the ever-growing health emergency and free up to $50 billion in air. He asked all states to create emergency centers to help in the fight against the virus.

The health crisis has forced various industries in the U.S., from education to sports to entertainment, to shut down.

American shoppers were out in force Friday buying hordes of toilet paper, disinfectants, ramen noodles, rice and others. This forced retailers to restock the shelves. In order to deal with the hoarding, many retailers enacted purchase limits.

The COVID-19 virus is also affecting the U.S. presidential election. Friday, the state of Louisiana announced it was not holding its Republican and Democratic presidential primaries until a later time.

The U.S. House of Representatives managed to put together a coronavirus aid package, which passed with flying colors. The package includes free testing and paid sick leave to hinder the economic damage that’s expected from the global outbreak.
In a bipartisan vote of 363 to 40, the House passed a multibillion-dollar effort to increase safety-net programs that help people who would be unable to work for several weeks.

Trump agrees with the package, which means the chances of it passing the Republican-led Senate is high.

According to economists, the outbreak’s impact on businesses could cause the nation to go into recession.

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