Slowdown In MERS Cases For Saudi Arabia, Iran Confirms 2 Cases For Disease

More than 560 people have been infected with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus since its discovery two years ago in Saudi Arabia, with 179 of those folks succumbing to the illness.

In April, a rise in cases led the country’s King Abdullah to fire the health minister and criticized the infection control processes that were in place for many Saudi hospitals. There are concerns that the country isn’t doing enough regarding the link between MERS and camels.

MERS cases have been found in other countries as well: Britain, France, United States and, just recently, Iran where are two confirmed cases of the virus. Many of these countries’ cases are linked to people who recently visited the countries of the Gulf Arab.

The daily number, for the first two weeks of the month, for people diagnosed with the MERS virus in Saudi Arabia was around 11. However, since May 15, the number of people confirmed to have the infection averaged to just over four a day.

It’s been since April 13 that the ministry reported that it had no new confirmed cases for MERS. The number of people with MERS in the country, jumped to more than 500 on May 14 from the 170-plus lab-confirmed at the end of March.

Scientists from around the club have also criticized the country for not doing enough with them to learn more about the disease. This is something the Health Ministry vehemently denies.  Officials have said that 30 percent of all those who contract the disease will die from it.

Drug manufacturers are working tirelessly to develop a MERS vaccine to help protect people from the virus.

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