Sheen Being Investigated By LAPD’s Threat Management Squad

Los Angeles Police Department detectives with its “threat management” squad began a criminal investigation into actor Charlie Sheen.

Little information has been released about the enquiry, but LAPD spokesman officer Mike Lopez said someone came in with a complaint March 31 against Sheen. No information has been released about the alleged threat or victim but investigators have gotten a search warrant, but still have not been in touch with Sheen.

Various media outlets, RadarOnline.com and Variety, have unconfirmed reports of an audio tape being the heart of the investigation.

Sheen’s attorney was not immediately available for comment.

The police’s investigation is the latest for the 50-year-old actor. His past, which includes legal troubles, rehab stints, substance abuse and a wild lifestyle, has outshined his career.

In November 2015, Sheen announced he was HIV-positive for the past four years and has been extorted for over $10 million to keep the information out of public knowledge.

In August 2010, Sheen pleaded guilty to assault to his then-wife Brooke Mueller when they argued Christmas day in Aspen Colorado. He spent 30 days in a California drug and alcohol treatment center.

Mueller reported Sheen had held her on the bed and had a knife to her throat.

They divorced shortly afterwards.

In March 2011, two sons had been court-ordered removed from Sheen’s home after his ex-wife got a judge to grant her a stay-away order against the actor. She claimed he threatened her.

Sheen is well-known for his role in the CBS comedy, “Two and a Half Men”.

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