Retired Elementary School Principal Wins Mega Millions Jackpot


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A retired elementary school principal  became the lucky winner of the $326 million Mega Millions jackpot, the largest New York Lottery jackpot in history.

Wurtsboro resident Harold Diamond, 80, and his wife Carol, accepted a lump sum check at the same Middleton, N.Y. Valero gas station where bought the ticket on Nov. 4. When he and his wife accepted the check, they said they were humbled by it all.

Diamond said he and his wife were going to Middleton and had to pull over because of nasty weather. The couple ate lunch, when Diamond saw the flashing Mega Millions sign. He said he decided to purchase 10 tickets for $10, using the Quick Pick numbers.

He said he put the ticket in his wallet, forgetting all about it. Diamond said while he was out golfing with his friends, somebody mentioned that the jackpot-winning ticket had been bought at Route 302 Valero gas station.

Diamond thought to himself that he had purchased a ticket there the night before. He said he was in a daze from the realization that he had bought the winning ticket.

Diamond worked as a principal at the George L. Cook Elementary School in Monticello until 1995. His wife was a former high school math teacher.

The couple will get, after taxes, $130,676, 438.

Diamond said his plans for the money involved helping his family and giving back to his community. They’re also planning a trip to Hawaii.

Irma Reyes was the person who sold Diamond the winning ticket. She said she was glad it was someone from the area, who is willing to give some of that back to the community.

Mike Nayfash, gas station owner, also cashed in, getting $10,000 for selling the winning ticket. He said the staff got a nice Christmas bonus from the money.

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