Report: Settled Lawsuit Alleged Trump Degraded Women At His Rancho Palos Golf Course

According to a 2012 lawsuit, Rep. Presidential candidate Donald Trump wanted to get rid of all the female employees who he thought was unattractive at the golf course he owned and hire women who looked better.

The court documents lay out the lawsuit alleging Trump had pressured Trump National Golf Club employees, located in Rancho Palos, to fire women he didn’t think were attractive for several years during the 2000s.

The report’s release follows the constant criticism that Trump has no respect for women, which can be noted by his controversial comments about a former Miss Universe he worked with while he owned the beauty pageant. Dem. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Trump repeatedly called Alicia Machado Miss Housekeeping and Miss Piggy after she won the 1996 Miss Universe title.

Hayley Stozier was a golf club employee until 2008, and she alleged during a sworn declaration that she had seen Trump constantly tell managers that restaurant hostesses were just “not pretty enough” and they needed to be fired and replace with women who were more attracted.

In the lawsuit, the employees scheduled were rotated so the more good-looking women would be working when Trump was visiting the club.

Trump’s organization said the allegations had no merit.

Trump Organization Vice President and Assistant General Counsel Jill Martin said there’d been no discrimination of any type. The statements are being made by former unhappy employees that are not accurately portraying what it’s been like to work for the golf club. Trump cares only about what the facility and grounds look like.

According to the lawsuit, employees alleged Trump’s preference on female’s looks led to managers caring more about that than skill when making decisions about who to hire. These employees alleged Trump would make unprofessional remarks about the female employees.

The report states most of the lawsuit was settled for $475,000 in 2013 without any admission of misconduct.

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