Popular Celebrity-Backed Diet Debunked

dietingIntermittent fasting, a favorite diet trend with many celebrities, has been debunked.

Studies found the diet, which limits eating to an eight-hour window, does not help people with weight loss and may actually lead to muscle mass loss.

The University of California in San Francisco researchers found people who fasted for 12 weeks last just a half-pound more than those people who ate usually. Previous diet studies noted there were a plethora of benefits, including longevity and weight loss, but the study was only done on mice.

Researchers were shocked by the latest findings.

Dr. Ethan Weiss, a UCSF cardiologist, said he was on the diet and quit as soon as he saw the information.

The study overturns the years of talk, especially with the Silicon Valley folks who claimed fasting was a way to stay healthy, live longer and be more productive. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, was a big fan of the intermittent fasting diet. However, like Dorsey, people combined the diet with healthy lifestyle choices to lose weight.

In 2019, intermittent fasting was the most searched diet.

The study found that nobody on the diet along lost a lot of weight. Researchers recruited 116 obese or overweight people to conduct the study. The results also showed it did little for cholesterol and blood sugar levels. For some participants, the diet had negative side effects, such as a loss in muscle mass.

Prior research that founded weight-loss benefits associated with intermittent fasting was tied more to calorie restriction. With fewer eating hours in a day, it doesn’t give much opportunity for people to overindulge.

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