Pack Up The Vehicle: It’s Time To Take A Late Summer Vacation

vacation travelPack your bags and get the kids in the car. It’s time to take your late summer vacation! Drivers are seeing some relief at the pump.

At the start of August, gas prices are lower than they have been in four years.  Gasbuddy.com, which tracks gas prices around the nation, said the national average price of gas – a gallon of unleaded – settled at $3.509. This is a 15-cent drop from the July 4 price, a holiday that generally sees a high amount of people on the road.

It’s also a 35-cent drop from the high on June 25. Tom Kloza, a Gasbuddy.com energy analyst, said the world was still dealing with the “petronia” when the Iraqi city Mosul fell to extremist militants.

Kloza said gas prices were likely to increase in the next month due to more people taking a late summer drive (vacation). He said the month of August generally has a stormy Gulf of Mexico and could disrupt refineries.

Kloza said these factors will smooth out and gas should continue to decline to four-year lows during the last fiscal quarter. He said gas prices could see a nationwide average of $3.25 a gallon; prices that were seen in February and March.

He said there are going to be many places where the price of a gallon of gas is actually going to drop below $3, especially in the last 100 days of 2014.

Some Americans are currently paying under $3 a gallon, especially in rural locations:

  • 1 Alabama gas stations
  • 1 Mississippi gas stations
  • 2 Texas gas stations
  • 4 South Carolina gas stations
  • 5 Virginia gas stations
  • 16 Oklahoma gas stations

Kloza said to keep in mind that just 29 out of 130,000 gas stations are selling $3 a gallon and under gas.

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