No Official Recall On Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

source: samsung.com

A majority of consumers think Samsung is dealing with the Galaxy Note 7 recall in an efficient manner. The company will have to recall every single one of its Galaxy Note 7s, and it’s being clear about the issue.

Samsung did issue a global recall of its product on reports that the smartphone battery explodes and catches fire. Samsung, at that time, said there had been 35 noted cases around the world. Although there is a recall, customers could exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with another unit via the retail store they purchased the smartphone.

Consumers can also reach out to the company’s customer support and get a new unit through the mail. Samsung’s immediate action to the recall is to ensure convenience to customers, which offers a $25 gift card or a credit on their phone bill if they participate in the company’s program.

It appears the company is dealing with the recall as best as it can.

However, for some folks, the company should have made an official recall for its device in the U.S. As it stands, the company’s recall announcement on the sold smartphones isn’t official and didn’t involve the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Reports have been made that Samsung had announced an official recall for its Galaxy Note 7, but for the U.S., this just isn’t true since it didn’t go through the required process.

The first thing the company should have done was to report the problems to the CPSC, as the Consumer Product Safety Act mandates. The agency would look into the issue and figure out if there should be an official recall made.

If there were an official recall, the government would be able to launch measures that would protect consumers’ safety. On top of that, it would be illegal to sell the device after the official recall had been announced. Some retailers, even after the company’s recall announcement are selling the device in their stores.

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