Nashville Musician’s Wife and Heart Transplant Recipient Dies Hours After Giving Birth

Within hours of her daughter’s birth, the wife of a Nashville musician and a heart transplant recipient breathed her last.

Nathan Johnson and his wife Megan welcomed the birth of their newborn daughter around 2:40 a.m. Tuesday. And, seven hours later, Megan experienced complications and died.

According to Josh Wilson, a bandmate and friend to Nathan and who set up a GoFundMe account, said Megan’s delivery was smooth – no complications. Nathan had even taken a photo of posted on his Instagram page in celebration of the baby’s birth.

Nathan, on the photo, wrote, “Happy Birthday Eilee Kate Johnson. Megan was/is a professional and feels great. Her heart worked perfectly the whole time and Eilee introduced herself quickly and smooth. I am a rich man!!!”

Megan was able to spend six hours with her daughter before she became having unknown complications and died.

When she was 15 years old, Megan came into contact with a virus that caused her myocarditis condition. Myocarditis is a potentially deadly condition of the heart. Her condition did not improve and, in 2010, she received a heart transplant. Megan shared her story in a book dubbed, “Megan’s Heart” and in an online journal.

Megan married Nathan one year after the transplant and the couple moved to Nashville.

Shortly after hearing amount Megan’s untimely demise, family and friends set up a GoFundMe account to raise $40,000. In a single day, more than $330,000 has been raised.

Megan’s funeral will take place in St. Louis on July 2.

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