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More People In India Diagnosed With Deadly Nipah Virus

The fatal Nipah virus infection has infected over 20 people in India. Of those showing symptoms, nine in the Kerala region has died. Jagat Prakash Nadda, India’s Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, has asked the Director of the National Center for Disease Control to see firsthand the area in which the virus has been identified.

The director can then set up protocols to deal with the virus.

The Nipah virus leads to respiratory illness, but other symptoms include headaches, fever and confusion, which can last from five to 14 days. The most serious symptoms can develop into encephalitis, which is when the brain tissue is inflamed. It’s not uncommon for a patient with the Nipah virus to fall into a coma within two days of experiencing symptoms.

40 percent of people who have the Nipah virus die.

Where Does The Nipah Virus Come From?

The World Health Organization has identified fruit bats as the carrier of the Nipah virus. It was first seen in 1998 after an outbreak in the Malaysia region. The virus can be transferred from animals to humans after humans eat bat-contaminated food. The 2004 outbreak was the result of bats contaminating palm sap humans were eating.

It’s not uncommon for an outbreak to occur in certain areas of the world. For instance, Bangladesh often experiences outbreaks while India’s had them multiple times. Both countries have seen their fair share of animal-to-human transfer outbreaks, with many cases being passed from family member to family member or a sick person to the caregiver.

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