Model Lauren Scruggs Is A Survivor

The world has come to know the plight of the young model Lauren Scruggs who lost an eye and part of her arm in a tragic accident with the propeller of a plane she was disembarking from. The stalwart young lady has gone through major surgery, gotten a new prosthetic eye and is out and about making her way in the world.

This is proof that Ms. Scruggs is a real survivor. To have been so disfigured in such a nasty accident would send some people in a tailspin, however Scruggs has picked herself up by her own bootstraps and is now the focus of the attention of the global press that is enamored by her progress and courage.

She has apparently had no qualms about getting back into the challenges of life and career and has been working out at public gymnasiums. She looks healthy and it has been an inspiration to other accident victims and young people as a whole. When the news is full of images and stories of young people robbing, killing, and committing all sorts of mayhem, here we have a 23 year old woman who had a shoe-in for the fashion and modeling industry who then suffered a career ending accident yet did not fall down. Instead she’s up and at the world.

Young people should be shown the value of this young lady’s experience.

It was on December 3, 2011 that the accident took place and Scruggs sat in a hospital for weeks while doctors looked at what they had to do. Losing an eye is devastating as it cuts down on depth perception but to a person in an industry a dream of hers to lose an eye that would affect her appearance is a double whammy. People who had invested in her career were now left at a loss. Luckily she had some form of insurance to cover the bills and now with her artificial eye she can move about somewhat without attracting attention. She’ll probably get a prosthetic arm and then as time goes on there may be leaps in the regenerative technologies whereby she might have a new eye and new hand grown. With the breakthroughs in stem cell treatments and technologies rapidly advancing that isn’t too far a picture .

Right now doctors around the world are reporting major advances in growing organs and repairing them using stem cells. What was once unheard of just a few years ago is now being proven in respected laboratories around the world. From organs to bones to more complex things like missing limbs, scientists helping out in the wounded military personnel are using the latest in regenerative technologies people thought we’d never be able to achieve. In Ms. Scruggs case, perhaps in a few years she’ll be undergoing therapy, stem cell therapy to regrow her eye. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities at all.

That’s just another bright outlook for her and other young people and people in general that the future is bright even after suffering catastrophic injuries. The young will be able to see these discoveries unfold and perhaps in near future they’ll become commonplace enough to the point of being routine.

Finally, Ms. Scruggs has a destiny to fulfill by adapting her life to new career choices and compensating for her losses, however what she’s lost so far may be regained and in the meantime she is giving others hope that they too can recover and go on with their lives.

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