Microsoft Faces Lawsuit For False Advertising With Its Surface Device

Microsoft is facing a false advertising lawsuit, which claims its Surface’s storage space has a 32GB storage space but is alleged to only have 16GB.

According to the Associated Press, the lawsuit comes from Andrew Sokolowski, a California lawyer, who said he purchased the device with the understanding that he came with 32GB of storage but find it had much less.

The interesting thing about this lawyer’s argument is that it’s true. Surface does come with 32GB but it only has 16GB of free space because it comes pre-loaded with various space-taking programs like Excel, Word, Windows RT and Windows recovery tools. 64GB users have just 46GB of free space left.

Microsoft has not kept this a secret, telling folks on its website that Surface only has 16GB of free space and what programs are taking up the rest of the space. It provides advice on how users can get more space like using a USB flash drive, SkyDrive cloud storage and a MicroSD memory card.

A Microsoft spokesperson said the company feels the lawsuit has no merit, as customers understand that operating software and its pre-installed apps will reduce the internal storage drive, which will decrease how much free space they actually have.

Surface is not the first tablet to be affected by the storage issue. Apple’s 32GB iPad has just 28GB of free space while its 16GB has just 14.3 GB.

Sokolowski’s lawyers are looking to attain class action status, filing the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court. The gist of the suit is to make Microsoft change how its devices are advertised and pay for damages for the alleged unlawful conduct.

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