Major Russian Tour Operator Become Country’s First Travel and Tourism Victim

One of Russia’s major outbound tour operators have become the country’s first victim in the travel and tourism industry.

IntAer said it was suspending its outbound travel activities because of the recent catastrophe with Ukraine and the EU and United States’ imposed sanctions on Russia.

This industry is a significant important source of income for many places like Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and United Arab Emirates (UAE), which are also feeling the pinch from the Russian inbound tourism business.

This happened because of a sharp decline in demand and a reduction in buying power – a significant value loss for Russian Ruble and adverse political developments.

In a statement, the company said since the company was unable to meet customers’ obligations, it was forced to suspend activities. It went on to say tourists who have already paid for travel must apply for indemnity payments from “RESO-Guarantee”, an insurance program.

Travel agents that purchased IntAer tour packages have been informed of the situation and were asked to talk with their customers about the tour company’s interruption of activities.  They have also been asked to help customers with insurance claims to attain money that has been paid for the cancelled tours.

IntAer, which opened its doors in 1992, is one of 20 large Russian travel companies. The company’s primary destinations spot include Bulgaria, Greece, India, Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the UAE. It sells both individual and group package tours, sets up charter flights, purchases block seats for commercial airlines and carried out numerous other tour operating services.

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