Korean Celebrity Files Lawsuit Against Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors, the U.S. electric carmaker, is facing a lawsuit from a popular Korean actor and singer on reports that the Model X he was driving suddenly accelerated.

Son Ji-chang filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California after his vehicle suddenly crashed through his home’s garage wall and into his living room while he tried to park.

Tesla Motor claims the accident is his fault.

Son is seeking a class-action lawsuit after he found several other cases regarding the Model X, the company’s premium SUV model. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were made aware of these cases.

Son, 47, lives in California, said the accident took place in September when he drove the vehicle into the garage. His son was sitting in the passenger seat. He made a remark about the incident on his Facebook page, saying he made sure the garage door was open and was about to go into it when the car suddenly roared and broke through the garage wall and went into the living room.

Son said his son had to roll his window down to escape and help him to escape the car.

When Son asked the company to compensate him, Tesla balked saying Son pushed the accelerator pedal not the brake pedal. Tesla said the evidence suggests Son pushed the accelerator pedal down all the way. It said Son threatened to use his Korean celebrity status to get financial compensation.

Tesla said evidence suggests the vehicle is not the reason for the accident. The company said there are measures in place that should keep these accidents from happening.

Son wasn’t happy with the company’s response. He said he asked the company to review the black box to which Tesla refused his request.

Tesla vehicles have been scrutinized for the problem. In June, another California driver said his Model X suddenly accelerated. In September, a Florida driver claimed he was Model S vehicle to park, but it suddenly sped up and crashed into a gym. Tesla Motors said in both cases, the drivers pushed the accelerator pedal thinking it was the brake pedal.

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