Illusionist Criss Angel Rushed to Hospital as Dangerous Escape Act Goes Wrong

Popular magician and illusionist Criss Angel, 49, was rushed to hospital just 10 minutes into the opening act of Friday night’s Mindfreak Live! show in Las Vegas as his death-defying escape stunt went horribly wrong. Latest update from TMZ indicates he is out of danger and is expected to perform on Saturday night as scheduled.

While being suspended in mid-air and upside down, Criss entered his predictable spinning motion minutes into the act but ended up unconscious before he could complete the routine. Staff hurriedly lowered him and then downed the curtains to halt the show leaving audience in shock. He was immediately rushed to the nearby Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center for evaluation where he is expected to undergo further tests.

It is not the first time that Criss cheated death performing the straightjacket trick. In October 2013 he injured his shoulder while performing the act. This put him of action for 10 weeks as he had to also undergo a surgery.

What is the Upside-Down Straightjacket Trick?

A straightjacket is usually used for restraining criminals from harming others. It also makes an excellent device for daring escape-stunt artistes. Great Harry Houdi used this in his signature trick.

Watch Houdini perform the act  both on ground as well as while hanging upside down just like in Criss’ routine.

Criss prefers to perform the straightjacket trick hanging upside down suspended in mid-air with just the feet tied by a rope to hold him. After being lifted mid-air, he would usually take a minute or two to spin and wriggle to free himself from the straightjacket.

It is an act Criss has performed many times successfully. In the video below watch him execute the full routine to perfection in the front of Oprah Winfrey.

UPFATE: According to TMZ Criss is out of the hospital and is expected to perform as schedule in the Mindfreak Live! show Saturday night  at Luxor Hotel in Vegas. However TMZ is unable to confirm whether he would attempt the dangerous straightjacket act after previous night’s mishap.

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