Huawei Devices In Danger Of Not Seeing Android Q Update

It wasn’t long ago that Huawei promised that its flagship phone would get the Android Q update after Google’s Pixel devices got it. However, it appears that Google has other plans, and the Chinese tech giant’s phones may never get the update.

No real surprise that Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro is not listed on Android’s Developer webpage as phones getting the Android Q Beta program. And, it’s not sure if Google took the device off the roster before or after the temporary license was given to Huawei to continue operating with its U.S. suppliers and partner for three months.

Google sent out a tweet not too long ago that services such as Google Play and Google Pay Protect will continue to work on existing Huawei devices. Google is still quiet about the software support, but Huawei still promises its existing phones and tablets would get security updates.

Of course, updating to Android Q is more than just security, and most Mate 20 Pro owners are not worried about Beta releases. However, the move from Google brings some uncertainty into whether or not Huawei devices will see any big updates. It also appears that the Mate 30 and the Pro version will get some type of OS pre-installed and the Mate 20 Pro could remain on the Android version it got upon its release.

As it stands now, there’s been no changes to remark on about the Android Q beta, but there are at least 20 phones set to get it such as LG, Nokia, Asus, Sony, Google, etc. As it currently stands, neither Motorola nor Samsung phones are set to get the Android Q beta.

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