Hawking: Smartest Man Alive Says He’s An Atheist

Stephen Hawking admits that he doesn’t believe in God – he is an atheist!

Hawking, one of the world’s smartest people alive today, finally answered the question that many people have often wondered about.  Up until this point, he was cryptic about the faith question but decided to end those rumors.

Anyone who really knows the esteemed physicist shouldn’t be too surprised by his revelation. After all, Hawking once said he saw the “life after death” idea as just a fairy story. Hawking, in the past, has made several pro-atheist statements. One of these statements include that the universe was made without some higher power being involved. Also, when there was conflict between religion and science, science would be victorious, as it would supposedly lead to human development to stop magical thinking.

While Hawking’s view and admission is likely to resonate with other like-minded atheists and empower them in numerous ideological debates, it’s not likely it’ll affect the balance between people who think scientifically and those who rely on a faith-based thinking. Scientific-based thinking individuals can use this revelation to add fuel to the fire that God is nothing more than a man behind a curtain, calling the shots and pulling strings.

Hawking, who suffers from ALS but doesn’t allow the disease to define him, said everything that happens in the universe has a scientific explanation. He said that even though there is no direct evidence on how the universe began, it doesn’t mean God is the one that’s liable for it.

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