Google AI Finds Evidence Of Lung Cancer Better Than Humans

Artificial Intelligence

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Most people worry that science is going too far with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), and based on science fiction, the very idea of giving machines the power to create could be bad (Terminator, anyone?).

However, Google’s AI is actually doing some very interesting things that should have people sitting up and taking notice.

According to a new research paper, Google and various medical professionals created an algorithm that has proven itself to be able to detect lung cancer. The paper, which was published in the Nature Medicine magazine, noted the AI was even better than trained radiologists looking at medical scans to find the cancer signs.

In this round of testing, there was an overwhelming 94.4 percent accuracy.

Six radiologists and the algorithm were then tested to see how good they were detecting cancer is slides they were not privy to seeing before.

Where radiologists were given extra information in the form of tomography scans, the algorithm was able to work similar to professionals, and when no additional information was given to the radiologists, the AI outperformed the six radiologists with fewer false positives (11 percent) and fewer false negatives (5 percent).

While human doctors may think this makes them look bad, the idea is that ultra-smart computers can be used in the detection of cancer. This would mean fewer mistakes in telling people who actually have cancer that they don’t. Thus, improving the quality of life for everybody.

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