Gonorrhea Superbug Could Rival AIDS Virus In Potency

A new sexually-transmitted superbug could be even deadly than the AIDS virus. That’s according to a warning from doctors.

The superbug – a strain of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea dubbed HO41 – was found two years ago in Japan. According to experts, the bacteria’s effect could be similar to the effect of AIDS.

Naturopathic medicine doctor Alan Christianson said the bacteria could be much worse than AIDS for the short term because it’s extremely aggressive and has the tendency to affect people far more quickly.

Christianson said the gonorrhea bacteria has a direct impact, putting those infected into septic shock and causing death in just days after exposure.

William Smith, National Coalition of STD Direectors executive director, said the situation is serious, and as time passes, it becomes even more dangerous.

HO41 was found in a 31-year-old female during a 2009 screening. Due to its resistant to present antibiotic treatments, HO41 is listed in the superbug category along with CRE and MRSA.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the superbugs are responsible for killing half of those infected with one in 20 patients in hospitals becoming infected.

Smith said no deaths have occurred from HO41 but the battle against it needs to continue. He said the possibility for disaster is high so it’s imperative to look for a treatment for this new gonorrhea strain.

To date, 30 million people have died because of diseases that are AIDS-related throughout the world.

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