Ford Recalls Nearly 90,000 2013 Escape and Fusion Vehicles

Ford Motor Co. is recalling 16,000 Fusions and 73,000 Escape SUVs with the 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engines due to the possibility of engine fires. No other vehicle models without this type of engine are affected.

According to the company, the engine overheats and causes a fire while the vehicles were being used. No injuries have occurred. Drivers who experienced engine fires noted high engine temperatures before the fires occurred. About that time, the instrument would say “Engine over temp, stop safely” or “Engine power reduced to lower temps”. Some people said the clusters would chime and a red light would come on.

Any driver who experiences any of these scenarios need to pull to the side of the road quickly, shut the engine off and get out of their car. Ford said it would compensate owners for any costs that were tied to the overheating with dealers providing them with loaner vehicles until their vehicles are repaired.

Ford’s Automotive Safety Office Director Steve Kenner said the company has identified the problem and are in the midst of taking action in the company’s customers’ best interest. Customers, he said, must not disregard this recall for their own safety.

Ford is currently working on a fix for the issue and, when there are available parts, the company will let customers know so they can get their cars fixed.

Check the vehicle’s 17-digit VIN to learn if your vehicle is being recalled, which can be found on the vehicle registration, base of the driver’s side windshield or driver’s door opening.

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