FixYa Report Puts Apple Much Ahead of Its Competition in Smartphone “Reliability Score”

FixYa in its February 2013 Report titled “Smartphone by Manufacturer”  has used a wealth of information the virtual community has accumulated in troubleshooting/repair of consumer electronic products to good effect, producing a head-to-head reliability comparison and summary of leading smartphone  makers. The four smartphone manufacturers —  Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Motorola who account for 72.51% of the market share for smartphones —  were compared based on FixYa’s  reliability scores.  And except for Apple, scores were not looking that pretty.

FixYa used a total of 722,558 troubleshooting requests and also applied the market share data, sourced from statscounter.org,  to come up with its own ratio for rating reliability. Key factors in deriving the score were the market share data and the number of troubleshooting impressions per manufacturer and overall. The reliability score is found by dividing the market share by the number of troubleshooting impressions, for each manufacturer.   Higher the score the better the reliability, and higher the market share and  lower the troubleshooting impressions, much better the reliability.

The Apple came on top with a score of 3.47, and the gap between the iPhone and the rest couldn’t be wider. Samsung, the next best, was about three times lower than Apple with a score of 1.21. Nokia a disappointing 0.68 and Motorola an embarrassing 0.13.

FixYa also listed top 5 issues for each manufacturer, with battery life being an issue for all except Motorola. Each had a unique topmost issue illustrated by at least 30% of troubleshooting impressions:  Apple (Battery Life  – 35%), Samsung (Microphone Issues – 40%), Nokia (Laggy Response Time –  35%), and Motorola (Preinstalled Apps – 30%). The report also listed out pros and cons for each manufacturer.

The full report can be read at http://blog.fixya.com/pr/feb2013/smartphone-manufacturer-report.html.

Fixya is  a leading technical virtual community site based on web 2.0 that takes a DIY approach to troubleshooting  and helping users resolve issues as a virtual community. A large database of troubleshooting requests and resolutions over time by users who both post questions and act as consultants, has added  credibility to their survey.

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