FDA Investigates Popular Dietary Supplement 5-Hour Energy

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating 5-hour ENERGY, a dietary supplement, after reports that 13 people have died after experiencing negative effects.

While any person can make a report about a negative effect, and no official cause/effect relationship has been noted, the FDA, by law, is looking at the issue. Just because there is a report does not mean the product is actually responsible for a health issue.

The FDA said if it finds there is a relationship between production consumption and health, the agency will take action to decrease or get rid of the risk entirely. The FDA went on to say that it investigates all reports it receives thoroughly but doesn’t always have access to every bit of information to conclusively determine why an event occurs.

Since 5-hour ENERGY is a dietary supplement, it does not have to disclose how much caffeine is in the two-ounce energy shot. According to its label, it’s got 1,870 milligrams of Energy Blend – taurine, caffeine and more.

According to a consumer lab, there is 207 milligrams of caffeine where Red Bull has about 80 milligrams of caffeine in its 8.4-ounce can. A 16-ounce grande Pike Place from Starbucks has roughly 330 milligrams of caffeine.

5-hour ENERGY distributor Living Essentials LLC said people should not take more than two bottles in one day and have them spaced out several hours from each other. Consumers with sensitivity to caffeine need to speak with their doctor before consumption.

14-year-old Anais Fournier’s parents have filed a lawsuit against the company after their daughter died after you drank to the Monster Energy drinks in one day. According to a death certificate, she had an underlying heart condition that was complicated by the caffeine.

An investigation into 5-hour ENERGY is going on to learn if the 13 deaths are indeed linked to the popular dietary supplement. Besides the deaths, there have been 92 reports with 33 hospitalizations.

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