FCC Proposal To Give Cell Phone Users Tools To Deal With Unwanted Texts and Calls

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The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has proposed new rules that look to give cell phone owners more tools that will protect them from unwanted phone calls and text messages.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler introduced the proposal that would eliminate the loopholes within the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. This is a law that restricts telemarketing but permits some bill collectors, marketers and other businesses to make unwanted calls or send wanted text messages on cell and landline phones.

Wheeler said there are very few things that get under consumers’ nerves but unwanted texts and phone calls definitely ranks high on the list of things that do. He said the changes in technology don’t eliminate the responsibility to protect people from intrusive and sometimes costly robocalls.

The majority of the new rules will be discussed during the June 18 meeting and deals with cell phone customers. However, FCC officials said some of the matters deal with traditional telephone service. The agency’s chief complaint is the unwanted text messages and calls, with 215,000 complaints during 2014.

The proposal Wheeler has offered would let telephone and mobile customer the ability to revoke consent to get robotexts and robocalls at any time, including a verbal request during telemarketing calls.  Some marketers make it hard for consumers to “opt-out” of these calls, making them go through various channels to see it’s done. One such method is to send a letter to the company.

Wheeler said he’ll ask the FCC to allow telecom carriers the ability to provide robocall-blocking technology to their customers. This action would make technology legal.

The FCC said customers who get a number from someone else who allowed telemarketing calls should not be subjected to numerous unwanted phone calls. The agency’s proposal would let the telemarketers to call the number just one time.

The proposal answers the 20-plus petitions the FCC received from business who inquired more about the TCPA rules on texting and telemarketing. Wheeler said he plans to use them to arm consumers and help them to combat the communications. The agency should send a clear message: “Consumers have every right to manage the texts and calls they get”.

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