Facebook Introducing Cross-Platform Messaging Feature With Instagram

Social mediaInstagram and Facebook users will soon be able to communicate with each other easier.

According to Facebook, the company is working on a cross-platform communication between its Instagram and Messenger apps. The company hopes the update allows friends and family to connect no matter which app is being used to communicate on.

Facebook said Messenger users won’t have to download a new app to reach an Instagram user and vice versa. Users will be able to manage their message requests – whether it goes to their chat list, into a Message Requests folder or to get them all.

Facebook said Instagram users getting messages and calls will see these remain in the Instagram app.

The company, seeing its users send over 100 billion messages a day to friends and family via its Messenger app, wanted to bring some of its features to Instagram. This would ensure the best possible messaging experience with both apps.

In response to prior research, Facebook learned that one in three people using Messenger had a hard time trying to find a previous conversation. The company said the update is designed to keep additional confusion at bay and ensure users can connect without wondering which app they were using.

Facebook said 10 new features were being added in with the update such as the “Watch Together” feature, allowing people to watch trending videos with friends on Instagram while on a video call.

Instagram users can choose whether or not to get the update.

Facebook plans to roll out the update in a handful of companies before expanding it to the rest of the world.

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