EV-D68 Virus Seen in Alabama, Continues Spreading Nationally

More children across the U.S. have fallen ill to a rare respiratory illness, including several in Alabama, which has prompted doctors there to urge parents to be vigilant.

Officials with the Alabama Department of Public Health are investigating two clusters of children diagnosed with respiratory illness – one in northern Alabama and another in Mobile. Six samples were sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be tested.

Since many states have sent off specimens to the CDC for testing, the ADPH sad it could be weeks before the test results for the state comes in. The ADPH said a vaccine for this virus is not available with treatment dependent upon the symptoms. According to the department, it’s important people take preventative measures from getting this virus.

Co-director of UAB Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Children’s David Kimberlin said, the CDC will test the six samples for the Enterovirus 68. The virus is rare and is extremely aggressive, and can cause a serious infection.

Kimberlin said the virus is tends to cause the summertime colds, with symptoms ranging from aggravated asthma, wheezing and difficult breathing.

According to the CDC, hospitals in Illinois and Missouri have seen children with these symptoms suffering from the EV-D68. While young children are the most at risk for the virus, adults may also be diagnosed with it.

Dr. Anne Schuchat, CDC’s head of infectious diseases, said there has been an increase in hospitalizations for this time of year, with the situation rapidly evolving. People should be aware that no one has died from the EV-D68 virus.

The best way to prevent any communicable disease like the EV-D68 is to constantly wash your hands, cover coughs, disinfection regularly and keep sick children at home. Another recommendation is not to share cups, touching, kissing or hugging people who are sick.

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