Do You Suffer With Back Pain: Get To Movin’, Not Restin’

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When people have back pain, they immediately think staying in bed is going to help them recover sooner. However, the latest research has shown that exercising can do more to relieve back pain than staying still.

An investigation of more than 20 already concluded research studies on how to treat back pain were looked at. The information obtained involved over 30,000 participants, and found that appropriate exercise with precise knowledge can reduce the chance for back pain.

It also found low back pain complaints dropped 35 percent in a year for patients who did targeted exercising. This figure increased to 45 percent in patients who were taught how to sit right and lift correctly along with doing the exercises.

Researchers said even though exercise is effective – decreases the chances for back pain and sick leave – it’s not clear if the pain won’t come back after a year or more.

The research found a higher recurrence rate, with about 50 percent of folks just doing exercises feeling pain a year after a recovery period.

It’s believed that nearly 80 percent (four in five people) are going to suffer with back pain. The medical industry believes awkward bending, incorrect lifting and bad posture are the reason for the high percentage.

Due to the high number of people who are prone to back pain, exercise should be recommended as a defensive measure to combat possible back pain problems. The study noted several exercises were beneficial in relieving back pain – abs and back strength training, various yoga position and motion exercises. Yoga was found to be the most beneficial – with longer-lasting results for both genders; perhaps due to the combination of both stretching and muscle strengthening.

The study didn’t find any support with recommendations of using back belts, shoe insoles and education to prevent or decrease the possibility of back pain. While the topic is still rather controversial, there is one thing the medical community can agree on: do not rest with your back pain.

Chris Maher, health researcher for Australia’s University of Sydney and physical therapist, said the more people use their back, the more likely they’ll keep their back healthy, fit and strong.

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