Disney Warns Photosensitive Epileptics About Potential Of Seizures In New Star Wars Movie

star warsWalt Disney Studios is warning consumers that its “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” movie could cause seizures in people who are photosensitive.

The statement was issued that the Epilepsy Foundation wanted viewers to be warned that there were several instances in which flashing lights and imagery could affect people who have photosensitive epilepsy.

Disney is requesting movie theaters post notice to warn views of the potential danger.

The company did not specify how effects were used and what scenes would cause the problem. Disney has been tight-lipped about the plot.

According to the Epilepsy Foundation, flashing lights in certain ways and intensities can cause a seizure in three percent of individuals with epilepsy. This includes a flickering computer monitor, flashing fire alarm strobe, etc.

Photosensitive epilepsy usually happens more in young people and occurs less frequently in those of epilepsy age.

The World Health Organization said about 50 million people are affected by this common neurological disease.

Star Wars enthusiasts can still watch the film. The Epilepsy Foundation suggests people ask friends to watch the movie first and go with them a second time to warn them ahead of time of the scenes that can cause the seizures.

They also advise people with epilepsy to have a friend who knows seizure first aid – stay with them, keep them safe and keep objects that are potentially dangerous away. They should also remember to turn their friend to the side in case they are not conscious.

This is not the first time Disney has had to work people with epilepsy about the possibility of seizures with its films. The Incredibles II had several scenes in which flashing lights could trigger seizures in photosensitive epileptics.

After a slew of people posted their concerns on Twitter, theaters put up warning notices.

In 1997, Pokémon had flashing lights that were linked back to over 600 convulsion cases in Japan.

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